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at the Beach



If you are local or you're vacationing, visiting with family we hope you enjoy your visit to Haszard's at the Beach .  Looking forward to seeing you!
Tim and I moved to St Augustine from Severna Park, Maryland in 1997.  Severna Park is located between Baltimore, Washington DC, and Annapolis and our family vacationed every summer in Ocean City, Maryland.  We brought with us to Florida our love of some of Maryland's famous foods.  Tim has always been partial to the delicious open pit beef sandwiches served in Baltimore, including Boog Powell's in Ocean City and at Camden Yards, the home of the Baltimore Orioles.  The half smokes from the Baltimore/Washington DC area have always been one of Tim's favorites as well.  Tim loves to grill and he has created his own sweet and tangy barbeque sauce that compliments the open pit beef perfectly. 

In terms of other favorite food memories, our three daughters and I are big fans of Maryland Crab Cakes.  Growing up, the girls caught crabs right off of the pier at the marina near our house.  I missed true Maryland-style crab cakes when we moved to Florida. They have become the biggest seller at the restaurant!  We recently were awarded Best of St Augustine 2016 for BEST CRABCAKES!

With our love of cooking, we thought, "Why not open a restaurant so we can share what we love?"

We have some great recipes for homemade soup and desserts handed down from generations, and we've incorporated these into our menu. We hope you will come to enjoy them as much as we have.

Tim and I were married in 1969 and have known each other ever since elementary school. After so many years together, we understand each other well. That is what makes us such a great team. 

We are past our five year mark and the menu continues to grow.  Locals wanted some of their favorites items so we offer pulled pork and pork ribs.  Others continued to ask about fish so we added mahi and catfish. One of our past cooks suggested preparing fish tacos.  They have become a big seller.  Our Cuban chef who was with us in 2015 suggested a Cuban.  That is also enjoyed by many.  We want to make our customers happy so we will listen and take to heart everyone's suggestions.

Our Family